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Are you curious about the day in the life of a river rafting guide? Or maybe you want to get some insider info on the best activities to do in the Canadian Rockies? From expert tips on the area, to interesting posts about rivers, feel connected to nature even when you have to be at your desk with our fun and useful blog.

Cascade Mountain in the background of hung lights in the streets of Banff townsite in Banff National Park

Christmas Festivities in Canmore and Banff: A Winter Wonderland in the Rockies

As the crisp winter air sets in, the picturesque towns of Canmore and Banff, in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, come alive with festive cheer. From enchanting light displays to exciting winter activities, there is no shortage of Christmas-themed events and attractions to enjoy. Join us as we explore all the unforgettable Christmas festivities awaiting you in Canmore ...
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Friday Dining Specials in Canmore, Alberta

It’s FRIDAY!!! The work week is done, and the weekend vibes are strong. What better way to start your weekend adventures than to go out and enjoy a delicious meal and to cheers the ones you are with.  Typically, on Fridays, you do not see many deals offered at establishments besides their Happy Hour or Late-Night Menu. However, you will ...
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Larch trees of the Canadian Rocky Mountains - located in Kananaskis Country

The Best Larch Hikes in Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Welcome to the breathtaking Kananaskis Country! A picturesque region nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, renowned for its natural beauty and diverse hiking trails. With autumn here, the golden hues of the larch trees grace the landscape. It creates a magical display that captivates every adventurer's heart. In this blog, we will delve into the best larch hikes Kananaskis Country ...
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Panoramic view of Canmore, Alberta

Exciting things to do in Canmore, Alberta in September 

Are you planning a trip to Canmore in September and wondering what activities and attractions you can enjoy? Look no further! Here are some exciting things to do in Canmore during this beautiful time of the year:  Hiking and Nature Exploration  September is the perfect month to explore the stunning natural beauty of Canmore. Lace up your hiking boots and ...
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Thursday Dining Specials in Canmore, Alberta 

So close to the weekend you can almost taste it!  Well, why wait until Friday to get the weekend vibes started? Thursdays in Canmore, Alberta has some incredibly delicious deals that will make it feel like it’s Friday already. This helpful guide will showcase the Thursday dining specials you can find in Canmore, Alberta.  Table Food + Drink   Thursday nights ...
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Wednesday Dining Specials in Canmore, Alberta

Wing Night; a ceremonial and sacred evening during which many chicken wings will be eaten by a gathering of gluttonous friends – Urban Dictionary  Everyone thinks of Wednesdays as Wing Nights, but that is not always the case. We’ve put together this helpful guide to highlight all the Wednesday dining specials in Canmore, Alberta.  The Drake  Keeping with tradition, it’s Wing ...
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Tuesday Dining Specials in Canmore, Alberta 

According to superstition, it’s bad luck to start a journey or begin a new project on a Tuesday. This belief stems from the idea that Tuesday is an unlucky day. Any new venture started on this day is likely to fail.  We’re going to go ahead and say cooking on a Tuesday is bad luck, therefore, you should go out ...
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Monday Dining Specials in Canmore, Alberta 

Dinner comes around every single day, but where can you go to get the best bang for your buck? This helpful guide will outline some fantastic local options when you’re trying to save. We will outline Monday dining specials in Canmore, Alberta through this guide.  Patrinos A family-owned restaurant operating since 1993 in Canmore, Alberta, offering all your favourites from Canadian Mussels ...
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Canadian Flag waving high above Banff Townsite

Celebrating Canada Day in Canmore and Banff, Alberta 

Are you looking for exciting events to celebrate Canada Day in the beautiful towns of Canmore and Banff, Alberta? Here are some of the events that you can look forward to:  Celebrate in Canmore Picnic Pancake Breakfast Nothing better than starting the day of celebration off with a fluffy stack of pancakes topped with maple syrup. Come down to Centennial ...
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Mountains outlined in Black with text saying Adventure Awaits

The 2023 Ultimate Guide to Adventure Tours in Banff and Canmore, Alberta

Banff and Canmore are two of the most beautiful destinations in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, offering a sense of adventure and natural beauty that is hard to match. From the rugged mountain peaks to the crystal-clear lakes and rivers, there is no shortage of activities to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing. In this guide, we will highlight ...
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