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Top 5 Things You Need To Bring For Your Whitewater Rafting Adventure in the Canadian Rocky Mountains  

Group of smiling and excited adults, youth and children Whitewater Rafting in a red raft

You’ve booked your rafting adventure and you are going tomorrow!  The excitement is high, but you stop and think, “Okay, what do I need to bring?”  Not a problem, we made a quick list of the things you should bring with you for your day out with Canadian Rockies Rafting. 

  1. Swimwear 

The rivers in the Rocky Mountains are glacial fed, which means they are extremely refreshing.  On your tour, you will be required to wear one of our supplied wetsuits, so we suggest you bring swimwear to wear under your wetsuit. 

The material of swimwear won’t hinder the job of the wet suit, which is to keep you warmer and comfortable for your time on the water.  If you wear other garments, such as items made of cotton, it will only draw out your body heat and hinder the effectiveness of the wetsuit.   

For those that don’t have swimwear, that’s no problem, we do wash and disinfect all our equipment after each use, so feel free to be one with the wetsuit. 

  1.  Towel and Warm Clothes 

Though we do supply you with a wetsuit, booties, splash jacket, helmet and life jacket and these will help keep you comfortable and protected on the tour, they don’t keep you dry. 

At the end of the tour, once we have arrived back at the base, you will want a towel and some warm, dry clothes to put on.  Even on the hottest day of the summer, a quick towel dry will help in your personal comfort so you can get back into your daily wear and be able to enjoy a thirst-quenching beverage, you deserved it after all your hard work on the river.     

  1. Personal Medication 

Our staff are highly qualified and skilled in case of an emergency.  However, as with anything, if the exact remedy is readily available that is the best choice and resolution to take control of any emergency.   

An inhaler for asthma, epi pen if you are allergic to bees, or even your favourite snack to have if you are diabetic.  If there is anything you may medically need, please tell your guide and bring it with you.  The guide will keep it safe and dry and at the ready in case you need it. 

  1. Sunscreen 

Even on the cloudiest of days, it’s never a bad idea to wear your sunscreen.  The reflection of the UV rays when you are on the water amplifies and the risk of sunburn increases.  Where skin is exposed, add a layer of protection with sunscreen.   

A little tip of the trade, when applying sunscreen to your face, only apply from below the eyes down.  The helmet comes down to your brow line, so your forehead is fully covered.  Applying sunscreen to your forehead, when you hit that first splash, could cause the sunscreen to run down into your eyes and make for an uncomfortable experience.  Not to mention it would hinder your ability to see the stunning scenery around you or the next big wave you are about to conquer. 

  1. Smiles 

You’ve signed up for a fun and exciting adventure out on the water, it’ll be hard to keep those smiles at bay.  We have our Photographer popping out at different spots along the way, capturing some of the best hits, moments, and expressions.  You’ll get the rundown at the end of your tour on how and when you can see all the photos taken of your tour and how you can keep them forever. 

A red raft of smiling and stoked adults about to hit a big rapid on the Kananaskis River

Most commercial companies will tell you what their tour supplies and what you should bring yourself.  The above list is a general guide to help you prepare the basics.  When in doubt, always contact your tour operator. 

For more information on gear and what to bring for our tours, check out our FAQ page!