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Are you curious about the day in the life of a river rafting guide? Or maybe you want to get some insider info on the best activities to do in the Canadian Rockies? From expert tips on the area, to interesting posts about rivers, feel connected to nature even when you have to be at your desk with our fun and useful blog.

Tourists rafting through whitewaters in Canmore

Everything You Need To Know To Become A Guide

Being a raft guide is one of the coolest jobs in the Canadian Rockies. You get to be on the water all day, have fun, and get splashed!  Becoming a guide requires a few things, including training, and certifications. We made a quick list of everything you need to know to become a raft guide. At Canadian Rockies Rafting, we ...
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A family enjoying a trip to the Canadian Rockies

10 Memorable Activities to Do in the Canadian Rockies on a Family Holiday

The Canadian Rockies are probably one of the most wonderful places in Canada, and so many of us have not seen it yet. It can be hard to plan a holiday in the Canadian Rockies because there is so much to do! Let’s face it, how many times have you typed “What to do in the Canadian Rockies?” on the ...
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Rafting is one of the most exciting adventures that’s suitable for everyone in the Canadian Rockies. Why wait any longer to have the experience of a lifetime with your family and friends?

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